All of my knives are made with the stock removal method whether flat ground or hollow ground. I use a wide variety of steels depending on what the customer wants. I use a lot of Damascus steel and I buy all of my Damascus billets from Alabama Damascus Steel. A quality Damascus made right here in the USA. I also use various carbon steels as well as many types of stainless steels. Occasionally I’ll make a knife out of a Farriers rasp as well.

I do all of my own heat treating and tempering so I know it’s done right and to industry standards. I hardness test every blade that I make both immediately after heat treat and then again after each tempering cycle.

I use a wide variety of materials for scales as well, everything from fairly common hardwoods to exotic materials like Mammoth Ivory. All of my wood, stag, ivory or other organic materials are stabilized prior to use.

I hand fit and hand saddle stitch all of my sheaths so they fit each particular knife like they should. My sheaths aren’t fancy, just good functional sheaths.

My goal is to provide a quality knife at prices that even common folks like me can afford.